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Aquafinesse Pack Special Swim Spa

The all-in-one package for safe, clean, crystal clear skin that protects bathers and the spa itself. Say yes to softer, purer water and a cleaner aquatic environment. Special swim spa
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  • 100% compatible parts
    100% compatible parts

  • Warranty - 2 years
    Warranty - 2 years

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Technical characteristics

The use of traditional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine in your spa causes some inconvenience: odor, undesirable effects in some people for the eyes, skin, lungs, and in some cases on the equipment of your spa (bleaching of plastics and abs).
Traditional treatment products also require regular monitoring, measurement and analysis which can be tedious for many users.

In a single weekly treatment, our patented formula gets to the root of the problem by removing the slimy layer of material from the walls, which is then eliminated by the action of the water and prevented from forming again. As a result, the bacterial count is greatly reduced and only a minimum amount of disinfectant is required !
Even limescale, which is notorious for damaging spas, is no match for the power of AquaFinesse.

Now you have the solution

The all-in-one package, for safe, clean, crystal-clear water that protects bathers and the spa itself.
Say yes to softer, purer water and a cleaner spa.


Package Contents :
30 Aquafinesse tablets ( 6 months of maintenance for a 8000 to 12 000 liters swim spa )
1 Box of disinfectant tablets or a box of granules with a dispenser for delayed release.
1 Floating dispenser
1 Instructions for use.

Technical documentation

Download data sheet

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Based on 3 reviews

Anonymous A.

Facile d'utilisation, c'est ma deuxième commande, fait le job.

Anonymous A.

produit trés bon il y a des années que je leprend

Anonymous A.

Très bien, pour un entretien facile et sans odeur...

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