How to pay for your orders on Boospa ?

To pay for your orders, Boospa offers various secure payment solutions.

Choose the payment method the most adapted to your budget.

Important: Due to the increase in credit card fraud, we sometimes have to verify your identity. In that cas, for us to process your order, we will invite you to send us the following documents:

- For private individuals: a copy of your identity card + a proof of address (Electricity bill, telephone bill, rent receipt…etc) preferably identical to the delivery address.

- For professionals: a copy of the company's commercial registry that includes the delivery address.

- For associations: a copy of the legally registered statutes or articles of association + proof of address if it is different to the one indicated. If we wish to proceed with a identity check, please check your messaging service: an e-mail should be sent to the address provided with the order. (Please check your junk mail)

Standard cash card protection

Credit or debit card payments are made in partnership with the E-transaction services of the Crédit Agricole.
We secure all your payments by using an extremely efficient reliable and secure system. We use the encryption data system SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the most common protection found on Internet websites. Transactions are secured with the help of the Credit Agricole's protected servers. All data (last name, name, cash card number, expiration date, etc.) are encrypted and inaccessible during the transaction. Your bank references never pass through the network, or even through our own servers at In addition to the fact that all payments are fully encrypted and therefore unreadable, no payment details are ever stocked on our servers, that is why we will ask you for your payment details each time you order.

3D SECURE Credit card payment encryption system

3-D secure's commercial appellations are Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 3-D Secure has been developed by Visa and Mastercard to allow sellers peace of mind when faced with the risks of internet fraud linked to identity theft. 3-D Secure consists of making sure, during each online payment, that the card is used by its real holder. When both the seller and the bank of the buyer are equipped with this encryption service , an additional step takes place at the payment step. Besides the bank card number, the expiration date and the security code (printed behind the card), the internet users have to enter a personal password, such as his/her birthday (simple authentication) or a dynamic single-use code (strong authentication).

Paypal: the uncontested leader of online transactions.

It allows buyers and sellers to send and receive money. Paypal counts more than 100 Million accounts spread over 190 countries and regions in the world. It is accepted by sellers everywhere, both on Ebay and outside of Ebay. Is it a secure service? Paypal contributes to the protection of your personal and cash card details thanks to the best security and fraud prevention systems.
When you use Paypal, your financial information is never communicated to the seller.
Why should you use Paypal?
1. Buy or send money with Paypal: free of charge.
2. Buy and pay peacefully by saving your payment details on the protected Paypal servers.
3. Paypal payments are accepted by millions of sellers in the world and number one of payment methods on Ebay.

Wire transfer
Bank transfers can be made to our account. Our bank details will be transmitted to you after the whole ordering process. Your products will be sent once the bank transfer has been made.

Order by phone

You can pay your order by phone. It is an easy and secure way to pay for an order.
A member of our team will ask for:
  • Your credit card number
  • The expiration date of your card
  • The 3 digits printed at the back of your card (Security code)
The payment details you provide are never saved. Once your order is finished, all payment details will be automatically deleted in order to avoid any attempt of fraud or computer hacking.

To place an order by phone, please click here
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