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Custom made spa cover

We offer you the possibility to design your custom spa cover.

Our covers are made on demand, custom made, in high quality materials assuring you a protection and economy saving.
Starting from 399€, according to the shape and the insulation chosen (for covers up to 240x240cm). For swim spas and large sizes, starting from 690€.
The spa cover is the essential element for a good insulation and safety. We design your spa cover, any brands, any dimension, any form.

Boospa products your custom spa cover. You design, we produce!

The spa cover is the essential element for a good insulation and safety. It protects your spa from external sediments (leafs, insects, dust,…) and from the hull damages linked to the sunrays.

It guarantees its longevity, the safety of your children, of your close relations and reducts your energy consumption. 

Discover “5 good reasons to own a spa cover” by reading this article.

There’s a cover for each spa

Boospa makes the covers on demand. Our covers can be adapted to any sizes, any shape and any spa brands.

The use of quality materials guarantees the protection of your spa and the energy saving.

Technical characteristics

Our spa cover are custom-made with high density compressed polystyrene slabs and a zip-detachable vinyl with hem and isolation small pillows.

Our covers are all equipped with 4 security lock with code.

Four cover thickness for an optimal isolation

Cover insulation

The cut is especially designed to avoid water stagnation and allows an outside use.

cover forms

Couverture de spa forme 1Couverture de spa forme 2Couverture de spa forme 3Couverture de spa forme 4
Form 1
Form 2
Form 3
Form 4

Couverture de spa forme 5Couverture de spa forme 6Couverture de spa forme 7Couverture de spa forme 8
Form 5
Form 6
Form 7
Form 8

 Couverture de spa forme 9 Couverture de spa forme 10 Couverture de spa forme 11 Couverture de spa forme spéciale
 Form 9
 Form 10
 Form 11
Free or special form

cover colors

Boospa spa cover colors

Boospa spa cover colors

manufacturing and finnish

Renfort couverture de spa | BoospaFilm protecteur sur couverture de spa | BoospaOurlet retour coque | Boospa
High density polystyrene and steel lining
Protective film
Hem on the shell
 Housse dézipable | Boospa Poignée de manipulation | BoospaSerrures de sécurité à code | Boospa
Zip-detachable cover
Manipulation handle
Security locks


1 year guarantee


delivery logo

The design and delivery periods for a spa cover are from 80 to 90 days.

Start the encryption for your custom spa cover >>>

22 item(s)
Item     Brand    Price   
Protector and restorer 303 sponge
Product reference : 30322

The 303 restorer sponge cleans and protects your spa cover vinyl but also cleans the acrylic and all the surfaces of your spa. It makes a great protector film to save your spa.
Retail price: 29.00 €

29.00 EUR  TTC
Product reference : couverture

Custom-made spa cover (The add bouton shopping cart is availlable only for the cover form 1 240cm with standard isolation ) Do now the custome-made cover quote !
Retail price: 399.00 €

Product reference : RD801-9900

Cover lock: spa cover locking system Rapid to lock and unlock Total security Eliminates the risk of drowning accident
Retail price: 59.00 €

59.00 EUR  TTC
Secure strap XL for spa cover
Product reference : A-000000-0E273

Secure straps XL for spa cover
Rapid to lock and unlock
Retail price: 55 €

55.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 196 X 115 R12 - 1001 - Standard
Product reference : Retour05

Retail price: 300.30 €

303.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 172 X 194 - 1003 - Premium Form 6
Product reference : Retour21

Retail price: 384.3 €

499.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 181 X 102 - 1001 - Standard
Product reference : Retour30

Retail price: 224.5 €

314.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 195 X 203 X 33 - 1008 - Standard
Product reference : Retour33

Retail price: 329.4 €

449.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 141 X 141 R38 - 1008 - Standard
Product reference : Retour37

Retail price: 179.60 €

449.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 205 X 152 R10.2 - 1013 - Premium
Product reference : Retour50

Retail price: 329.4 €

499.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 240 X 240 X 95 Forme 8 - 1008 - Premium
Product reference : Retour53

Retail price: 384.3 €

399.00 EUR  TTC
Spa cover 226 X 152 R19 - 1006 - Standard
Product reference : Retour56

Retail price: 299.40 €

314.00 EUR  TTC
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