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Heater Union Connection

heater union connection
You will find here a range of heater union connector allowing you to link it to your filtration circuit.

Heater Union Connectors for Spa

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Plug'n click heater cables
Product reference : 25263-25696

Plug'n click heater cables It allows you to remove the straps to connect the heater to the PCB
Retail price: 45 €

45.00 EUR  TTC
Balboa M7 Probe Mounting Kit
Product reference : BALB-PRESS

Balboa M7 probe mounting kit It allows you to mount the M7 probe on your heater while maintaining its impermeability.
Retail price: 13.00 €

13.00 EUR  TTC
Union Connection + Heater Clamping Ring Output 1.5’’ or 50mm
Product reference : raccord-rechauffeur-lx

Union connection + heater clamping ring output 1.5’’ Screw thread diameter: 60 mm Internal diameter of the connection to the pipe: 48mm or 50mm To connect your spa heater to the piping.
3" to 1" Tailpiece of heater
Product reference : 42-2386-K

3" to 1" Tailpiece of heater
To put at the 3" outlet of a heater to connect 1" pipe
Hydroquip reference: 42-2386-K
Retail price: 14 €

14.00 EUR  TTC
Heater union Connectior 2.5'' to 1.5''
Product reference : BOO-0025

Female Part of Union Connection 2.5'' to 1.5''
Made in white ABS plastic - Delivered with joint
Adaptable on thread rings of 78mm
Connect to pipes of 48mm size
Retail price: 10 €

10.00 EUR  TTC
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