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Heaters with Integrated Thermoregulator

Heater with integrated thermoregulator
Our range of electric heaters is adapted for spa from great brands but especially for handmade spas. Indeed, their use doesn’t require a PCB. These heaters have an integrated thermoregulator that enables you to adjust the water temperature directly using the heater.

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In order to save time, directly send us the photo of your part and the reference slab (or sticker) of your spa situated on the top of the control box (do not confuse with the cabling diagram). With these data, our team can identify in no time at all the part you are searching for.
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Electric Heaters with Integrated Thermoregulator for Spa

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ET-S100 spa complete system
Product reference : ET-S100

ET-S100 complete system Electronic system + heater. Compact and easy to use
Last parts availlables
Retail price: 199.00 €
199.00 EUR
149.00 EUR  TTC
Vulcan Heater with Analog or Digital Thermoregulator
Product reference : ELE-150-01XX

Vulcan heater with analog or digital thermoregulator 3 kW or 4.5 kW power Autonomous, works without PCB
Retail price: 610 €

Elecro Evolution Plug'n Play 3kW Spa Heater
Product reference : 441000150

Elecro Evolution Plug'n play 3kW spa heater Autonomous, work without PCB.
Retail price: 530.00 €
Replaced by : ELE-150-0090
530.00 EUR  TTC
HW02B Heater with integrated thermoregulator
Product reference : HW02C

HW02C Heater with integrated thermoregulator. Power : 3kW 240V Circulation pump power supplied by the heater.
Retail price: 349.00 €

349.00 EUR  TTC
Temperature controler for Heater H30-RS1
Product reference : H30RS1-temp-control

Temperature controler for Heater H30-RS1 To control the heating temperature
Retail price: 49.00 €

49.00 EUR  TTC
Temperature controler button for H30-RS1
Product reference : H30RS1-button

Temperature controler button for H30-RS1 This part snap-in the H30-RS1 temperature controller
Retail price: 8.00 €

8.00 EUR  TTC
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