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Fitting for Headrest

Discover our selection of spa headrest fasteners. Find the right fasteners for your headrest, whether it's suction cups, pins or clips. Enjoy easy and secure installation to ensure your headrest stays in place during your spa sessions.

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Headrest Attachments

Enhance your comfort and spa experience with our versatile headrest attachments

Headrest attachments are essential accessories for creating the ultimate spa experience. At Boospa, we offer a diverse selection of headrest attachments designed to enhance your comfort and relaxation during your spa sessions.

Vacuum Cup Attachments: Convenient and Secure Installation

Our vacuum cup attachments provide a convenient and secure solution for attaching your headrest to the edge of your spa. With their vacuum cup system, they can be quickly and easily installed, ensuring a firm and secure hold. You can adjust the position of the headrest according to your preferences, allowing you to find the optimal position to support your head and neck while you unwind in your spa.

Clip Attachments: Sturdy and Adjustable Fixation

Our clip attachments offer a sturdy and adjustable fixation for your headrest. Equipped with durable clips, they securely attach to the rim of your spa, providing reliable support throughout your spa session. With their adjustable system, you can easily customize the height and angle of the headrest to achieve personalized support. Enjoy optimal comfort as you relax and indulge in the soothing benefits of your spa.

Spike Attachments: Firm and Comfortable Grip

Our spike attachments offer a firm and comfortable grip for your headrest. The spikes integrated into the attachment gently penetrate the rim of your spa, ensuring a secure hold. This innovative design keeps the headrest in place even when you move or change positions. Relax with peace of mind, knowing that your headrest will stay securely in place, providing optimal support for your head and neck.

Regardless of your preferred attachment type, all our headrest attachments are crafted with high-quality materials for durability and water resistance. They are easy to install and adjust, allowing you to personalize your spa experience according to your needs and preferences. Choose from our range of attachment options to find the one that best suits your spa and comfort.

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