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Water balance

Water balance in your spa is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. We offer a wide range of products to help you maintain the water balance in your spa.

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One of the most important parameters to monitor is the TAC (Total Alkalinity Content), which measures the water's ability to resist changes in pH. We offer products to increase or decrease the TAC of your spa, as well as strips and tests to analyse your water parameters.

It is also important to monitor water hardness and lime levels. Excessive levels of these minerals can lead to scale build-up and filtration problems. We offer tablets to test water hardness and products to regulate limescale levels.

We also offer products to maintain balanced alkalinity, as well as options to balance water with chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc. Our selection of products is of high quality and available at an affordable price to ensure easy maintenance of your spa. We are here to help you balance your spa water and ensure a safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

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