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Massage Jets Kits

Treat yourself to an unforgettable spa experience with our concrete spa massage jet kit. This category features a selection of massage jet kits specifically designed for concrete spas, allowing you to create the ultimate relaxation experience. Our massage jet kits are easy to install and offer a variety of jet options, positions and settings to customize your spa experience.

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Assembly diagram of a suction kit for concrete spa Find all the hydromassage jets kits, the second part of your concrete spa massage kit. All your concrete spa kits are on Boospa. The hydromassage kits are divided into two parts. The second part that we present to you in this range contains all the hydromassage jets as well as the piping parts allowing them to be connected. To choose the type of jets to select, please identify the following points :

  • Structure thickness
  • Control or not of the power of the jets by venturi system
  • Type of waterproofing of the structure (Liner, concrete, etc.)

The first part corresponds to the suction elements, refer to the range of hydromassage kit section "Suction kits". Opposite a single hydromassage jet kit 4 jets for thick structure (25cm)

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