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The pump body is an important component of your spa pump. It consists of various mechanical parts that, through the action of the motor, create the water flow in your massage or filtration system. The pump body includes a impeller, a mechanical seal, a flange gasket, a front flange, and a back flange. We offer the most common references for different pumps, but we can also obtain all the parts for massage and circulation pumps upon request through our technical service.

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Pump bodies are a crucial component of water circulation systems in spas and jacuzzis. They are essential for ensuring efficient water flow through the spa's plumbing system. This category includes various types of pump bodies, each with specific characteristics.

Different Types of Pump Bodies

Pump bodies are available in different types and sizes to meet the specific needs of each spa or jacuzzi. These include pump bodies for water circulation systems, massage pumps, and filtration pumps.

Advantages of a High-Quality Pump Body

High-quality pump bodies are manufactured with durable materials, ensuring their strength and longevity. By choosing a quality pump body, you can be confident that your plumbing system will be more efficient, reliable, and easier to maintain.

Pump Body Compatibility

Pump bodies are available for a wide range of spa and jacuzzi brands, making them easily compatible with your existing equipment. You can find pump bodies compatible with brands such as Balboa, Gecko, Waterway, Pentair, and more.

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