FAQ - Questions / Answers BOOSPA

Boospa account
I want to create a boospa account
Image création compte client BOOSPA You want to join us ? :)
You're welcome in our family!

You just have to click on the following link : My account
Please, fill the different fields to complete the form.

Please be carreful, it's only possible to create 1 account for 1 company or for 1 adress.

Don't forget to check the box to submit to our newsletter program. You'll receive exclusive news and the best offers.

You're an hot tubs or swimming pool dealer? Check "yes" at the question "You're a spa or swimming pool dealer" when you'll create your Boospa account.
All prices will be adjust with the best partner's prices when our customer service will accept your submission.
I've forget my password
You've forget your password?
Don't worry, you can easily make another password with the email adress you used when you have created your account.

Image récupération mot de passe
  • Go to the login pageMy account
  • Choose "Already customer"
  • Cliquez ensuite sur "Forgot password?"
  • Fill the field with the mail adress you used when you have created your account.
  • An email will be sent with a link to regenerate your password
  • Please, verify you "junk box" if you didn't receive this email.
Don't hesitate to contact our customer service by email or by phone. You'll find in the following video the method to regenerate your password :
I'm an hot tubs or swimming pools dealer
You're an hot tubs or swimming pools dealer?
We created a custom access fpr you ! The BOOSPA Pro plan

You'll have a special special prices on all product in our catalog + custom service.To submit :Image création compte  BOOSPA Pro
    • You don't have a Boospa account? Go on the following link : Mon compte
    • Choose "New customer"
    • Choose next "Professional"
    • Fill all the fields (First Name, Last name, Email, Password, Company, Siret)
    • Choose next at the question about your activity : "Are you a spa and/or pool dealer?"
    • Then, fill the other field about your activity. These informations will be checked by our customer service to validate or decline your submission.
    • When you validate the form, our customer service will go back to you fastly.
  • You already have a Boospa account but don't have your Boospa Pro access? As a spa or pool dealer, you can ask to upgrade your account to Boospa Pro access.>
  • You just need to click on the following link : I ugrade my Boospa account to a Boospa Pro account
  • Be carreful, this request is only available for spa or swimming pool dealer or manufactory.
  • Then, fill the form
  • When all informations will be sent to us, our customer servcie will go back to you fastly.
When you'll connect with your Boospa pro account, a new icon with a "shield" will appear in the top of your display to confirm your privilege.
All prices will be update : now, it displays your dealer price + the public price.
Privilèges BoospaPro
European Professional / EU VAT
You are a professional from EU, France exclude and you have an intercommunity VAT number?
You are admisible to buy product without VAT for all shippinng in EU.

The VAT will be removed automaticaly when you'll make your order. Please, check these following required items :TVA intracommunautaire adresse de livraison
  • You filled the VAT number field on EACH shipping adress.
  • Make sure your VAT number is correct. Correct format : (2 letters + 11 numbers)
  • The invoice without VAT is possible only if the shipping adress is in a country in EU , France exclude.
  • If all these conditions are checked, make sure the price of your order is without VAT
  • If you always have the VAT include, don't hesitate to contact our customer service by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com
Be carreful, each order made on our website with VAT whereas VAT could be exclude. This order will be not regularised ! Check you order before process to the payment.
How can i know if i'm logged ?
Avatar connexion To know if you're logged check the icon at the top right of your screen. This icon has a shield or a circle if you're logged
. If ou are on mobile phone or tablet you'll have a green check box on your icon.

If you're not logged, click on the following link to connect to your Boospa account : My account
How can i disconnect to my boospa account?
Bouton déconnexion You just need to client at your icon at the top right of your screen. You'll open the menu.
Next, click on the orange Frame "Disconnect".
I want to know my BOOSPA credit balance
When you sent back a product or fo another reason, our after sale service can add credits to your Boospa account balance.
Crédit compte BoospaIt's a virtual wallet you can use for your next orders.
  • You can use it fully or partially as your choice.
  • This wallet can't be used to pay shipping cost.
    Example : If the amount of your order is 25€ (products) and 12€ (shipping cost), ou can only use 25€ from your Boospa credit balance.
  • Your balance is appearing in 2 solde de votre compte apparaît à 2 spots : in your customer account and in the shopping cart
  • To use you Boospa credits, go on your shopping cart and fill the amount you want to use in the correct field.
I want to read your terms and conditions of sale
Conditions générales de ventes
  • You can access to our terms and conditions of sale at the bottom of each page in the "help" section "Terms and conditions".
  • These conditions have to be accepted when you confirm your order in our website.

You can access to our terms and oncidtions of sale by following this link : : Terms and conditions of sale
How can I submit to the Boospa newsletter?
Don't want to miss any great Boospa deals? Submit now to our Boospa newsletter ! You'll receive by email all the last news and great deals !
To submit, it's easy :
  • Go on the bottom of each webpage in the section : "Newsletter subscription". Just fill you're email adress and click to "Send" button.
  • You can submit to our newsletter plan by checking the checkbox : "If you would like to be informed by e-mail of our offers, please tick the box." when you create your Boospa account.
These contacts are confidentials ! We don't share of sale your email to another company. This email is use to contact you only for BOOSPA message.
I want to Boospa delete all my personal informations and my Boospa account!
In accordance to the RGPD laws, you'll have a complete access to your personal informations.

You can contact us at this email adress : contact@boospa.com to request the personal information delete process.
Be carreful, an instant delete isn't possible with these conditions :
  • Yoy have an order in progress
  • You don't pay an invoice
  • You have a credit balance on your boospa account (Money pot)
  • You have a request return in progress or your after sales request isn't solved
Firstly, we need to regularise your ticket before delete your personal informations.
How can I find my product on your website?
To order an item, you need to find it on our huge catalog.
You can use these following methods :
  • You can use our search engine. it's a dynamic powerfull tool, it will display the best items in accordance to your search request. It's updating with each new caracter.
  • You can use the principal menu using "category page".
    You just need to put your mose on the "Universe" (Spare parts, Spas, inflatable sapas...) on the main toolbar .
    The complet list of each categories for each universe will be appeared. Next, select the correct category. Menu principal FiltreSome categories have additionnal filters to help you to find easily your item.

    In the following example : We went to the category "Reducers", we're lookin for a reducer 1 inch Female/Female. The item "Reducer 1" to 1.5" F/F appears.
  • You can find in our website, specific page with special search engine to help you to find item with specific caracteristics . You can access to these pages following these links :
  • You don't find your parts?. Don't worry, we can help you. Contact our customer service by fill this form : Technical request
I want to order one or several items on BOOSPA
You want to buy one item on our website? It's easy, I'll explain you the method !
  • Add the item to your shopping cart by clicking on the button "Add to cart" on the item webpage. If the button isn't displayed, you need to choose a variation or the item isn't available.Ajout Panier déclinaison
  • Next, continue your shopping if you want add another item(s).
  • When you have finished, go to your shopping cart by clicking on the icon at the right top of your screen.Accès Panier
  • If you're not logged, click on the button "Login" to validate your shopping cart or to create your Boospa account if you don't have a Boospa account.Se connecter via le panier
  • Validate your cart with the button "Proceed to checkout"
  • Then, choose your shipping method.
    At this step, you can modify the shipping adress or the invoice adresse for your order. If you are a spa or swimming pool profesional and if you 're not in France, please verify the VAT number field is filled on the shipping adress.
  • Next, choose your payment method, and check the check box (Terms and conditions of sale)
  • When your order is validated and payed, you will receive a confirmation email for your order
  • If you have chosen a payment by wire transfer or cheque, the process to send us the payment will be sent by email.
    When we'll receive your payment, we'll validate your order.
  • You can check all of your orders on you customer account. Historique commande
I don't find my part on Boospa or my part is unavailable, can you help me?
  • If with all your researchs, you don't find your item. Don't worry, our team will help you. Contact now our customer service by submit to this technical request form : Technical request
  • You find your part but this one is unvailable? Please, ask to our team what is the solution to repair your hot tubs. If we have not the same part we probably can give you a solution with another part.
    Believe in our Boospa experts :) !
How can i know if my item is in stock?
Our stock is connected to our website. Delivery time for each item is automaticaly updated if we have stock or not.
  • The item is available : you will see "In stock" on the category page or on the item page En stock Be carreful, for article with variation, the main item will be showed in stock if one of his variations is in stock.
    It doesn't mean all variation are in stock.
    To know if your variation is in stock, it's important to select it. The delivery time will be update
  • Hors stockThe item isn't in stock, a delivery time is displayed ton the item page (with the COVID, we had to remove the delivery time, if you want delay more accurate, please, contact our customer service. The main part of spa's manufactories is in USA or China, it's possible that delay could change suddenly.
    Please, forgive us for possible delays.
Can I phone you to make payment?
Yes, of course ! You can contact us by phone to proceed to the payment.
  • To treat fastly your order, we'll ask you to create your Boospa accoun if you don't have it.
    We are lot of calls,it could be more easily for us to find your account on our database to prevent all typo on your adress or email.
  • Go to create your account following this link : Make a Boospa account
  • Identify the different items id you're looking for. You can find them bellow each title/label on the different item's pages.En stock
  • Next, contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com to proceed to the payment
  • Don't hesitate to ask confirmation to our team if you have any doubts about your the item ordered, all our agents have strong technical knowledge about spa/hot tubs..They can ask special request to our experts.
I'm not sure about the compatibility with my hot tub?
Our technical team is here to help you. Just take these informations before contact us :
  • Item's id. You can find them bellow each title/label on the different item's pages. En stock
  • Identify your spa's model and spa's brand (if possible)
  • Don't hesitate to take dimension of the original part. These informations can help us to check the compatibility with the selected part.
  • Then, take different pictures of your part that you can send us if necesary
  • Contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com
I want to ship my order to another adress
We can send your order to a different adress if you want.
Autre adresse de livraison Enregistrer une nouvelle adresse de livraison
  • When you have to select your carrier, select it and go to the link "CHOOSE A DIFFERENT ADDRESS".
  • If the new adress was alread used in a previous order, you'll can select it easily on the list
  • If it's a new adress, you can create it at the end of the scrolling menu
  • When you'll validate your new adress, you can select it just above
I want to ship my order to a forwarder
You're not in France and you want to use your forwarder? It's possible for us to send your order directly to your forwarder.
The quotation without VAT for a shipping in France to a forwarder isn't automaticaly used on our website. To proceed, you need to respect these following steps :
  • Please, add all items what you need on your shopping cart
  • Proceed to the checkout and select the following carrier : BOOSPA / In-store pick up
  • At the payment step, select : Bank transfer. Even if you wand to pay your order by credit card, it's important to select this payment option. Our customer service will have access to your order and will modify it with the correct adress and the correct quotation.
  • Validate your order and identifiy the order's id
  • Contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com
    Give your order's id to our agent and ask him to ship to a forwarder
  • Give all informations to our agent to contact your forwarder ( Adress, phone number and email)
  • We'll make all modifications and give you a new payment link to proceed to the payment. A payment by Bank transfer is possible
I didn't receive my invoice
The invoices are automaticaly sent by email when the order leave our warehouse. Please check your email box and specificaly your "junk box" if you don't fint our email.
If you didn't receive your invoice, check these differents situations :
  • You order wasn't been sent : Please wait the shipping of your order. Our system can generate the invoice only when the order leave our warehouse
  • Items seem to miss on my invoice : We sent you the first part of your order, items probably not in stock and we choosed to send you all articles in stock. The first invoice match with all items we sent. If you received the second part of your order but you didn't received the second invoice, contact us at contact@boospa.com
  • I received my complete order but i don't find my invoice : Go on your customer account on our website. Go to your order in your order history. Check de order details and click on Download to download your invoice.
Télécharger votre facture
I want to pay my order, how can i do?
BOOSPA give you lot of payment methods,
you can choose the best for you at the payment step after selected your carrier.
  • But, you can pay your order outside the website. On a custom order with our agent, this one can make the payment with you by phone if you want.
    We ask you to prepare your order (create your Boospa account and add items on your shopping cart) before contact us
    Next, Contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com.
  • Several orders can't be paid by the website. Special orders need a custom quotation. In this situation, our team will send you a link to pay your order by email or by SMS.
  • A problem to pay your order? Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.
I want to pay my order with my Boospa balance credit
BOOSPA has a developed a "wallet" called Boospa balance credit.
This "monney pot" is credited when you send back a product and for other reasons. You can use it to pay your next order on our website (Exclude shipping cost).
You can see the amount of your monney pot on you customer account on our website. Votre crédit BOOSPA

To use your credit :Utilisez votre crédit BOOSPA
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • If you have money pot, a frame YOUR BOOSPA CREDIT is displayed on the right of your screen
  • This frame is showing you total amount of your money pot and the amount of your credit you can use on this order
  • Enter the amount you want to use to pay this order and click on "ADD" button.
Can i pay by check?
Boospa accepts check if the delivery adress if your Boospa account is in France.
Follow these steps to pay by check :
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Select your carrier
  • Select CHECK at the payments slection
    Régler par chèque
  • Don't forget to check the check box "I have read and i accept the General Conditions of Sale"
  • Then, click on Validate and pay my order
  • Send us in a letter your check with the amount of your order. Fill ATD BOOSPA at the beneficiary field and send this letter at this adress : 3 impasse Sirius ZI Vega 44470 Carquefou France
  • Don't forget to join the order's id
  • When we'll receive your check, we'll validate your order and we'll send a confirmation by email Régler par chèque - Ordre / Adresse
Can I pay by bank transfer?
It's possible to pay your order by bank transfer.
Just follow these following steps :
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Select your carrier
  • Select BANK TRANSFER at the payment selection step
    Régler par virement bancaire
  • Don't forget to check the check box "I have read and i accept the General Conditions of Sale"
  • Then, click on Validate and pay my order
  • Next, make your bank transfer to A.T.D AIR TOOL DISTRIBUTION. Our IBAN : FR76 1695 8000 0157 3483 2553 191
  • Don't forget to join the order's id in commentary
  • When we'll receive the confirmation of our bank, we'll validate your order and we'll send a confirmation by email Régler par Virement bancaire - RIB
Secured payment
When you make an order on our Boospa website, the payment is fully securised with the SSL technology
All sensitive datas, as your credit card number, the expiration date and the confirmation code are encrypted and protected. NOBODY can access to these informations.
Our bank partner respect the international standard : PCI-DSS. For more information, click on the link bellow:
Click here
I want to pay in several instalments, is it possible?
To able to pay in several instalments you need to complete these conditions :
  • The payment in severa instalments is possible only for order with an amount between 100€ and 3000€
  • You can pay only with a credit card with an expiration date older than the last instalment
  • These credit card are not compatible Maestro, American Express and e-cards
  • Your shipping and invoice adress are in France
  • You'll have an immediate answer, without signature, contract or printing
  • Additionnal charges will be applied on your order. The amount will be automaticaly calculate, it depends of the order's amount.

To pay in several payment, prepare your shopping cart contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com to proceed to the payment
Track my parcel
Your order has been sent? Track all the steps of the parcel routing.
Choose one of these different methods to track your parcel :
    • You receive automaticaly the notification when the delivery status is updated by the carrier
    • You can access to the delivery status tracking on the order details in your customer account : Suivre votre colis dans le détail de votre commande

    • Finaly, you gan go to this page : I track my BOOSPA parcel
      Fill your parcel number or your email adress + zip code of your shipping adress to access easily to your tracking page
Suivre votre colis via notre page dédiée
Pick up your order to our warehouse
You want to pick up to our warehouse? it's possible and we'll be happy to meet you :) !
Il est tout à fait possible de livrer votre commande à une adresse différente de l'adresse de facturation.
Retirer une commande BOOSPA
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • At the carrier selection step, click on the carrier BOOSPA - In-store pick up
    We have a warehouse in France, our adress is :
    BOOSPA - 3 impasse Sirius ZI Vega 44470 Carquefou France
  • Validate your delivery and proceed to the payment with you favorite payment method
  • If all items off your shopping car have the label "In stock", You can go now in our warehouse during our open hours : Monday to Friday 9h00 am to 12h30 am and 1h30 pm to 6h00 pm to pick up your order
  • If one article is missing, we'll contact you asap when your order will be complete
Our carriers
BOOSPA send your order wherever you are in the world with differents carriers.
We working with these carriers :
  • DPD : Our principal partner. DPD ship all your orders in France or Europe
    2 kinds of shipping is availlable with DPD :
    • DPD Predict : Shipping to a private adress or to a business adress in France or Europe
      The shipping cost for a delivery in France is 3€ TTC but if the total amount of your order is more than 50€ we offer you a free delivery. If you are not in France, the delivery cost will be automaticaly calculate
    • DPD Pick Up : DPD has more than 6000 relay point in France. There is at least 1 relay point less than 15 minutes your are. 98% or relay points are open the saturday. This option is free in France
  • Colissimo : One of our customer in France apprceciate this carrier. you can use it for order less than 30Kg, or when you need to ship order in specific country only ship with this carrier.
  • DHL : it's our express carrier. In France, DHL can deliver your parcel the next day if you order before 3.00 pm. You can select this carrier at the carrier selection step.

    The delivery for the next day is only possible if all items you ordered are in stock
    DHL is availlable for shipping in switzerland, in several country in Europe and DOM TOM
  • Tracked letter: In some cases, when your orders have small parts, when can us a tracked letter from "La Poste". This shipping is more fast and you can receive it directly on your mail box.
  • Geodis: When your order has huge and heavy products products : spa covers for example, Géodis is the best carrier to deliver it.
  • Click and Collect: You can pick up your order in our warehouse in Nantes (Carquefou)
  • Divers: We can work with independant carrier for special delivery (hot tubs delivery for example).
    Furthermore, we can use your own carrier, don't hesitate to call our customer service to use it.
Nos transporteurs
Application of duties and taxes
Whether you choose a delivery in France, in Europe or in other country, you need to pay different tax for products you order.
Our website calculate automaticaly the tax you have to pay for each country.
Be carreful, BOOSPA doesn't pay the custom duties. When Boospa make an invoice without VAT, custom service can claim a tax for each product you have in your order. The amount of the tax depends of the product's category and the country of the delivery adress.
For example, differents situations bellow :
  • I'm a private customer and I choose a delivery in France : The total amount of your order include VAT.
  • I'm a business customer with WITH VAT intra-community number and I choose a delivery in EU : The total amount of your order exclude VAT
  • I'm a business customer with WITHOUT VAT intra-community number and I choose a delivery in EU : The total amount of your order include VAT. If you have a VAT intra-community number, fill it on EACH new delivery adress.
  • I'm a private customer and I choose a delivery not in France or EU :The total amount of your order exclude VAT. Be carreful, you'll have to pay tax and duties at the custom service in the delivery country We don't know the amount of these duties or tax. If you want more accurate informations, please ask to the custom service of the delivery country.
  • I'm a business customer not in France or EU and i choose to deliver my order in my forwarder in France : The total amount of your order exclude VAT, but it's not automatic, you have to contact us to remove the VAT in your order.
Receive and control an order
It's necessary to check the contents of the package upon receipt of your order.
All products are controled before send it by our logistic service. Unfortunately, a delivery incident can provide during the delivery.
To able to send new products ASAP, it's important to VERIFY if products have damages in the presence of the delivery man.
Refuse all products with damages and mention accurately all the damage on the delivery slip.
It's only at this moment we can make a claim at our carrier and send back you a new product.

Next, contact our after sale service on your customer account : Go to the order details, select your product and submit the form telling us you refused your damaged order.
Our team will go back to you ASAP Contrôler votre commande à réception
Hot tubs delivery
Spas and hot tubs are huge and heavy products . For some deliveries we need to call a specific carrier or need crane to put the spa where you want in the garden or wherever.
A car can take the most of the roads but the trucks who's make de spa deliveries can't take some of them. The delivery service for specific delivery can make a custom quotation.
Contact us by phone +33 2 53 35 41 49 or by email at contact@boospa.com. Send us your adress and the spa's model you saw on our website.
Spas covers delivery
This kind of product is huge.
We only can use a specific carrier : Geodis France Express.
This delivery is in countersign, the carrier can't deliver it without your signature.
Spa covers are very fragile. They can be broken during the delivery.Please, be carreful when you received it. CHECK YOUR PRODUCT before sign the packing slip. Don't hesitate to refuse the delivery if you have a doubt about the integrity.
BE CARREFUL, even if the box is unbroken, you need to unpack and check the cover in front of the carrier.

If there are damages, Register with accuracy all damages on the packing slip.
Then, contact our customer service going on your customer account in order details.
Indicate you refused the covers because there are damages on the cover.
Our customer service will go back to you as soon as possible. Contrôler votre commande à réception
After sale service
I bought a wrong product? Can I send back it?
Of course, it could be hard to find the good product. Follow these steps to send back your product :
  • Go to your customer acount on our website
  • Go toMy orders, click on "See detail" on the selected line
  • Click on the button : Return / cancellation request after the products listRenvoyez des articles procédure a

    If the button isn't displayed, you're no longer able to return your product (out of time or a return request is already opened for this order). Contact our after sale service for more informations
  • Check the boxes of articles you want to send back us and the quantities
  • Also indicate the reason why you want to send back these items"Wrong product, too small, too large,etc..."
    Renvoyez des articles procédure b
  • When your return request will be validated by our customer service, you'll able to access to your request on the tab My returns in your customer area.
    The statut of your return will be changed when our after sale service will receive your package.Renvoyez des articles procédure c
  • Don't send back your products right away! When our after sale service will receive your request, they send you the complete procedure
Once the products will be received on our platform, we'll refund them, we'll make a credit on your BOOSPA wallet, or we'll send a new product as your choice.
However, we remind you that you're able to send back a product 14 days after the receipt of your order. The items must be unused and in their original package..

Please check our condition of sale to have more informations. Terms and conditions of sale
Un article de ma commande est cassé
Vous avez réceptionné votre commande et avez découvert qu'un article est détérioré? Voici les étapes à suivre suivant différents cas concrets :
  • Je viens de recevoir ma commande, je contrôle la marchandise en présence du livreur et m'apperçois que celle-ci est abimée :
    Il vous faut dans ce cas refuser la marchandise. Indiquez sur le bordereau de livraison le motif de refus en indiquant avec précisions les anomalie présentes sur le produit.
    Contactez ensuite notre service après vente en leur indiquant que vous avez refusé la livraison de votre commande.
    Ceux-ci se chargeront de prendre contact avec le transporteur et procédera à une nouvelle livraison de votre commande dans les plus brefs délais.
  • Je viens de recevoir ma commande, malgré mon contrôle minutieux, je m'apperçois qu'un produit est abimé après avoir accepté la livraison :
    Contactez IMMÉDIATEMENT notre service après vente en joignant des photos du produit.
    Notre service après vente vous indiquera la procédure à suivre (envoi d'un recommandé au transporteur dans les 24h ouvrés suivant la réception).
    Cette procédure est lourde, c'est pourquoi nous vous demandons de bien vouloir vérifier et le cas échéant refuser la livraison si les articles sont abîmés pendant le transport.
  • Je viens de recevoir ma commande, je n'ai pu effectuer de contrôle car le colis m'a été remis sans signature, je m'apperçois qu'un produit est abimé :
    Contactez simplement notre service après vente en leur explicant la situation. Prenez également des photos mettant en évidence les anomalies.
    Si vous n'avez rien signé, nous pourrons engager la responsabilité du transporteur et vous envoyer rapidement un nouveau colis.
Je n'arrive pas à installer la pièce / l'accessoire réceptionné(e)
Vous n'arrivez pas à installer la/les pièce(s) réceptionnée(s)? Aucun problème, notre équipe est là pour vous guider.
Voici les éléments à nous fournir afin que nous puissions traiter efficacement votre demande.
  • Prenez plusieurs photos des éléments suivant : (Pièce d'origine, nouvelle pièce, photo de votre spa, photo du clavier de commande, photo de l'emplacement de la pièce + autres éléments qui vous semblent pertinent à nous transmettre)
  • Marque, modèle et année d'acquisition de votre spa (si connu)
  • Numéro de commande accessible sur votre espace client
Transmettez nous ensuite l'ensemble de ces informations par simple demande technique via le lien suivant : Demande technique BOOSPA
Notre équipe technique se chargera, dans la mesure du possible, de vous assister dans votre tâche.

S'il s'avère que la pièce commandée n'est pas la bonne, référez vous simplement à la section Mon article ne convient pas? je souhaite le retourner située plus haut.
Le remplacement de l'article n'a pas solutionné mon problème
Vous avez installé votre pièce et malheureusement celle-ci n'a pas résolu votre panne? Voyons ensemble comment nous pouvons vous aider.
    • Dans un premier temps il va falloir que nous estimions si nous pouvons reprendre votre produit.
      Référez vous à la section Mon article ne convient pas? je souhaite le retourner. Les articles devront être propre à la revente en tant qu'article neuf, nous vous demandons d'être donc précautionneux dans l'installation de votre matériel.
    • Il nous faut ensuite déterminer l'origine de votre panne. Transmettez nous ensuite une demande technique afin que nous puissions poser un diagnostic : Demande technique BOOSPA
    • Indiquez nous les symptômes de la panne en nous joignant un maximum d'informations (marque, modèle, année de votre spa, référence de la pièce d'origine, etc...)

    Vous pouvez également nous transmettre des photos de votre installation. Une erreur est vite arrivée, il est possible que le matériel n'est pas été correctement installé.
J'ai renvoyé mon article mais je n'ai pas de retour du service client
Cela fait plusieurs jours que vous avez renvoyé vos articles et n'avez pas de retour de nos conseillers?
Dans un premier temps, nous vous invitons à consulter le statut de votre retour en vous rendant dans votre espace client.
Votre demande est accessible via l'onglet Mes retours
Le statut de votre retour est indiqué sur cette page. Statut retour
Voici les différents états possibles et leurs significations :
  • En attente de confirmation : Vous venez d'effectuer votre demande et celle-ci n'a pas encore été prise en compte par notre service après vente. Les délais de traitement peuvent être de 24/48h ouvrés suivant le nombre de demandes clients. Nous vous invitons à patienter quelques jours et à revenir vers nous si le statut n'évolue pas dans les 7 jours suivant la création de votre demande de retours produits
  • En attente du colis : La demande a bien été prise en compte par notre service après vente, et ceux-ci vous ont transmit la procédure de retour des produits. Nous sommes actuellement en attente de réception de votre colis sur notre plateforme.
  • Retour terminé : Nous avons réceptionné votre colis et avons procédé au remboursement, crédit compte boospa ou échange de votre produit conformément à votre demande.
  • Retour refusé : Le retour de votre produit a été refusé par notre service après vente. Nous vous invitons à vérifier vos mails afin de prendre connaissance du motif du refus

Si après 7 jours suivant l'expédition de votre colis vers notre plateforme le statut de votre retour n'a pas évolué, nous vous invitons à vérifier le suivi de votre colis afin de confirmer la réception de celui-ci par notre équipe. Si celui-ci a bien été réceptionné depuis plusieurs jours sans modification du statut du retour, contacter notre service après vente pour plus d'informations.

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