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Spa printed circuit board

The "Electronic Boards" category on our spa website offers a wide selection of electronic boards for spas. These electronic boards are essential parts for the operation of your spa and are compatible with many brands of spas such as Gecko, Balboa, and many others. Find the right circuit board for your spa model on our website to ensure optimal and reliable operation of your spa.

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Changing the electronic board of your spa

The electronic board of a spa is located in a control box. It is connected to all the parts that make your whirlpool bath work. This includes the circulation pump, the massage pump, the blower, and the heater, among others. You can control all the components of a spa with the help of a control panel. The keyboard sends the orders to the motherboard, which sends them to the other components like a nervous system. Being the central element of a hot tub, it can happen that the electronic board (or motherboard) deteriorates with time or breaks. Instead of changing the control box, there is a more economical solution depending on the case: change the motherboard of your spa.

That's why we offer a wide selection of replacement circuit boards.

Balboa spa circuit boards

Balboa is an American brand that mainly produces high quality products for the spa world (e.g. electronic systems, pumps, jets, etc.). Being an important player in the spa world, BOOSPA offers you a wide range of PCBs from this brand.

How do I identify my Balboa circuit board?

In general, there are two ways to identify your Balboa motherboard.

Locate the reference number of the electronic board generally located on a white label on the printed circuit. It is often a series of numbers after the mention "S/N" (Serial Number)
If you can't find a label to identify your Balboa circuit board, you can make a technical request to our team. They can then help you find your replacement part.
As for any other information concerning electronic boards for spas of any brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

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