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Discover our range of temperature sensors for spas compatible with the control systems of the biggest brands: Gecko, Balboa, Aqua SPA etc. Spa temperature probes are small sensors that measure the temperature of the water in the spa. They are often used as spare parts to replace a damaged or defective sensor.

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Spa temperature sensors are electronic sensors that measure the temperature of the spa water and transmit this information to the spa control board. This information is then used to regulate the water temperature and ensure that the spa is maintained at the desired temperature.

Temperature sensors are a key part of your spa's heating system, as they monitor the water temperature and ensure that the spa is operating at optimum efficiency. If the temperature sensor is not working properly, it can have a negative impact on the performance of the heater, the quality of the water, and can even cause damage to the spa.

It is therefore important to choose high quality, corrosion resistant and durable temperature sensors to ensure accurate water temperature measurement and optimal spa operation. Temperature sensors are also easy to install and replace when necessary.

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