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Capacitors are essential electrical components for the operation of your spa. They store electrical energy and release it in a regulated manner to power the motors and pumps of your spa. If you need to replace the capacitor in your spa, we have a wide selection of quality capacitors to meet your needs.

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Spa Capacitors

Capacitors are electrical components that store electrical energy in an electric field. In spas, they are used to provide efficient and reliable starting and operation of pumps and electric motors.

Different types of capacitors

There are two types of capacitors used in spas: starting capacitors and run capacitors. Starting capacitors provide an electrical impulse to start the motor, while run capacitors maintain stable motor operation.

The advantages of a good capacitor

To choose the right capacitor, it is important to know the specifications of your spa equipment. You can also check the user manual or seek assistance from a professional. Capacitors are available in different capacitances and voltages to suit a variety of applications.

We offer a wide range of high-quality spa capacitors, compatible with various brands and models. We have a significant stock for fast delivery to minimize spa downtime

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