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Water analysis - Inflatable spa

Discover our selection of products needed to properly analyze your spa water. Here you will find test strips, electronic testers or liquid tests that will allow you to obtain a reliable and quick analysis. These products are suitable for all inflatable spas including the most famous brands of inflatable spas (MSPA, Ospazia, Intex, Aquaspa, Alton spa, Becool...)

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Ensure Clean and Balanced Water with Our Analysis Solutions

The water in your inflatable spa plays a crucial role in your relaxation and well-being experience. To ensure clean, clear, and healthy water, it is important to regularly monitor and analyze its parameters. Our water analysis category offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions to help you maintain optimal chemical balance.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced spa owner, our analysis solutions allow you to accurately measure key water parameters such as pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and hardness. With these measurements, you can adjust the appropriate levels and take necessary steps to prevent common issues like cloudy water, skin irritations, or calcium deposits.

Reliable and Easy-to-Use Tools

Our water analysis products are designed to provide you with reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use tools. Whether you prefer test strips, liquid test kits, or electronic testers, we have a solution to suit your needs. These tools enable you to obtain results quickly and effortlessly, giving you a better understanding of the water quality in your spa.

By using our water analysis solutions, you can maintain complete control over the parameters of your inflatable spa and take appropriate measures to keep the water clean and balanced. This will allow you to fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your spa and prolong its lifespan.

Invest in the quality of your water by opting for our reliable and accurate analysis solutions, and treat yourself to an optimal and healthy spa experience.

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