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The Premium Protect - Weather Shield spa cover line

A very strong and durable spa cover.

Discover our ultra-resistant covers Premium Protect

Our Premium Protect spa covers are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to the elements.

With the Weather Shield coating, give your spa the ultimate in protection!

Weather Shield : A strong fabric

Weather Shield is a highly resistant material that has been specifically designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The fabric is made from heavy-duty synthetic fibers that provide exceptional durability.
In addition to being weather resistant, Weather Shield is also tear and abrasion resistant.

2x lighter coverage than vinyl

Weather Shield fabric is not only strong and durable, but it is also incredibly lightweight. This combination makes it ideal for projects where weight is an important factor.
Made from ultra-lightweight synthetic fibers, the fabric is one of the lightest fabrics on the market. This lightness makes it easy to carry and handle, which is important for outdoor projects.

A cover 3 times more resistant

Our Premium Protect covers are made of a material that is three times more resistant than traditional vinyl. Its unparalleled strength means that it will not crack or fade under prolonged exposure to sun or weather.
Its surface is made of urethane which makes it more waterproof than conventional covers.

Made with 100% recyclable materials

We care about the environmental impact of our products, so we are proud to inform you that Weather Shield fabric is made from recyclable materials and is an eco-friendly option for your projects. It can be recycled and made into new products, rather than ending up in a landfill !

Handling handles

Each of the Premium Protect blankets has 2 strong handles. They make it easy to carry the blanket from one place to another. Moreover, they will be your allies in order to be able to open or close the cover at the beginning and end of swimming !

Safety straps

Premium Protect blankets are equipped with 4 adjustable safety straps. The safety straps prevent the cover from moving or lifting. But it also allows you to lock your spa and prevent pets or small children from accessing the spa without adult supervision.

Meticulous manufacturing

When looking for a spa cover, quality of construction is an important consideration. The Premium Protect cover is meticulously crafted with double stitching and high quality polyester. This makes it a great option for durability, strength and longevity of the cover !

Two colors available

We offer two sober colors to bring an elegant and sophisticated look to your spa:

  • Brown
  • Black

The benefits for you

Investing in a quality spa cover can help you achieve significant energy savings. With the Weather Shield, you can significantly reduce heat loss and avoid excessive consumption.

The Premium Protect cover provides the ultimate in protection for your spa from the elements and extreme temperatures.

By investing in a quality cover, you can extend the life of your spa and the cover itself. The Weather Shield fabric is built to last, offering increased resistance to tears, punctures and damage.

Our spa covers in stock

All our spa covers in stock are shipped within 24 hours - Delivery within 4 days - 2 years warranty.

A delta of +5 cm of difference on the measure of your cover will not entail the incompatibility of this one with your spa.

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