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Ovy Spa Active Oxygen Disinfectant

Active oxygen spa disinfectant, chlorine-free, odor-free, no irritation of skin or eyes. Very high action speed, very soluble and residue-free. Supports high ph. Compatible with all the filtration systems.

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  • 100% compatible parts
    100% compatible parts

  • Warranty - 2 years
    Warranty - 2 years

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Technical characteristics

OVY SPA active oxygen disinfectant is a powerful oxygen-based oxidant treatment to use in the frame of the chlorine-free treatment of spa water.

- 20g chlorine-free tablet with very high action speed, very soluble and residue-free.
- Very high available oxygen average content.
- Powerful oxidation of the organic substances in the spa water.
- No more chlorine odor, no irritation of the eyes or skin in the water.
- Totally exempt of isocyanuric acid (stabilizer)
- Facilitated dosage compared to powder, no more risk of wrong dosage.
- Perfect for all the water, ever the very hard ones.
- Compatible with all the filtration equipment.
- Efficient no matter the pH of the treated water.
- Product compatible, in the spa water, with a one-time chlorine treatment (for example, shock chlorination) if needed, for an extended absence for instance.
- Extended preservation subject to storage away from the humidity and a temperature < 40°C.

Instructions for use
Put 1 pastille of OVY SPA active oxygen per 2m3 of water in the floating measure or the skimmer in the imperative absence of bathers. Let the pastille dissolve (around 20 minutes), before the bathing. In evident presence of algae, double the dose.

Warning! Do not mix the products together

Complementary information
- In case of scaling water (TH > 20°f), multiply the dose per 1,5.
- In case of strong affluence of bathers, increase the dose.
- OVY SPA active oxygen 20g cannot, in any case, be in direct contact with the spa.
- Not compatible with the PHMB-based treatments.

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Based on 21 reviews

Anonymous A.

correspond à mes attentes je l'utilise en remplacement du brome. Produit moins irritant

Anonymous A.

Très efficace. Eau propre et limpide sans odeur.

Anonymous A.


Anonymous A.

Très bien

Anonymous A.

bon produit

Anonymous A.

👍 très bien.

Anonymous A.

de l'oxygene

Anonymous A.

Pas assez d'utilisation pour mieux notter

Anonymous A.

Pas encore testé

Anonymous A.

OK bien

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