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Spa BALANCER UltraSchock 1L

SpaBalancer is the shock product by SpaBalancer. It is a cleaning agent with sodium hypochloryte. It is five times more powerful than chlorine. SpaBalancer Ultrashock efficiently eliminates the germs, the bacteria and the legionellosis.
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    100% compatible parts

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    Warranty - 2 years

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Technical characteristics

Spa balancer

Chlorine-free and organic water treatment products for your spa or swim spa.

SpaBalancer is an innovation allowing you to keep a clear, clean and odor-free water – according to a completely organic and chlorine-free process.

SpaBalancer Ultrashock is a cleaning agent with sodium hypochloryte. It is five times more powerful than chlorine. SpaBalancer Ultrashock efficiently eliminates the germs, the bacteria and the legionellosis.

The water disinfection with regular disinfectant products such as chlorine or bromine neutralizes over a first phase the bacteria’s noxiousness. Yet, after a while, you can notice an increase of the legionellosis and other bacteria. The biofilm if the reason for that. The biofilm is, for the bacteria, the “place of rest and incubator’’ and protects the bacteria against the disinfectant products.

SpaBalancer Ultrashock is the only disinfectant product that penetrates in the biofilm, destroys the polysaccharides (complex sugar) that are in it and, therefore, eliminates the biofilm.

Instructions for use:

    Pour in the water 75 ml of SpaBalancer UltraShock for 1000 liters of water. Start the pumps when you add Spabalancer in order to ensure a good mixing. It is important to let SpaBalancer Ultrashock work for at least 8 hours. (Bacteria and impurities can stay if the product act for less than 8 hours).

    You can control the concentration of SpaBalancer Ultrashock with the SpaBalancer Test Stripes. After 8 hours, the test strips should still indicate a concentration of at least 1 ppm. If there is no more SpaBalancer Ultrashock in the water before the 8 hours are passed, do the shock treatment again. Important: these values are based on a water temperature of 37°C. SpaBalancer Ultrashock dissolves slower when the water is colder.

    If after the second application, SpaBalancer still dissolve too fast, it may be because there are a lot of impurities and an important quantity of biofilm in the piping. The maximum doses are indicated here. (Maximum 200 ml for 1.000 liters of water)

    How to measure SpaBalancer Ultrashock?

    You can measure the content in SpaBalancer Ultrashock with the SpaBalancer Test Strips

    Can you use the spa when SpaBalancer Ultrashock is in the water?

    The concentration in SpaBalancer Ultrashock should not be superior to 5 ppm. You can then use the spa. Skin irritations can occur in case of higher concentration.

    Use of SpaBalancer Ultrashock as an additional cleaner for the "problematic" spas.

    The problematic spas are spas that do not have a sufficient filtration, for instance the inflatable spas or the wooden spas (hot tubs). In order to make SpaBalancer efficient, you need a sufficient filtration (at least 6 hours a day) and cleaned filters. With some spas, it is not possible to adjust the filtration period – which can cause greasy sediments and cloudy water. In this case, you can, when needed, regularly proceed to a shock treatment.
    Once the shock treatment successful, wait until there is no more SpaBalancer Ultrashock in the water. Then add the regular quantity of SpaBalancer in the water (40 ml to 75 ml).

    You can also pour in the water between 20 ml and 40 ml of SpaBalancer Ultrashock after each bath. The quantity depends on the number of persons that have used the spa. Also add once a week around 50 to 75 ml of SpaBalancer. By proceeding this way, you can enjoy the advantages of both systems: SpaBalancer Ultrashock is an oxidization product acting fast and that is rapidly dissolved. SpaBalancer is a water care and clean product working slowly and continually that preserve the skin.

    Download, by clicking on this link, the complete Spabalancer care instruction.

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    Based on 37 reviews

    Catherine P.

    Première mise en route, très facile, 24h après , eau a 32, pas besoin de produit supplémentaire ph ok

    Luc Jean B.

    tres bon produit sans produits chimique

    Jacky W.

    J'utilise ce produit depuis des années maintenant, et j'en suis toujours très satisfait.

    Anonymous A.

    Trés bon produit.

    Anonymous A.


    Anonymous A.


    Anonymous A.

    depuis pleusieurs annees je l utilise et il repond clairement aux attentes avec des doses de 30 ml par semaines

    Anonymous A.

    le produit que j utilise depuis plusieurs mois

    Anonymous A.

    Bon produit

    Anonymous A.

    Très bon produit

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