Terms of delivery and helpful information to start up your spa.


1/ Products are delivered to the address provided with the order made on our website. Free delivery for metropolitan France. Transportation and customs fees are likely to be applied for deliveries outside of metropolitan France.

2/ Every parcel reception must be carried out in the presence of the delivery man and the parcel must be systematically checked before signing the delivery slip.

3/ You must write down every concern or problem regarding the delivery on the delivery slip and add your personal signature.

4/ You also have to reaffirm this to the transportation company under two working days after receiving your order and then carbon copy the mail contents to BOOSPA.

5/ If the products have to be sent back, they have to be sent within two days after the delivery was made.

6/ Every complaint made outside of this period will not be accepted.

7/ A product return will be accepted only for products still in their original state (packaging, accessories,  instruction manuals, etc).

8/ In the case of a damaged or incomplete order, you must write down the problems on the delivery slip (compulsory) and contact us as soon as possible.

9/ If there is no delivery slip, you must refuse the parcel and contact us directly.

10/ The costs relating to a return shall be borne by the buyer

11/ Estimated lead times are applied to standard working days.

Installation and starting up your spa.

A spa's installation is ensured by our team specialized in spa assembly, repair and maintenance.
4 available offices across France: Montpellier (34), Yvetot (76), Amancy (74), Angers (49).

Starting-up a spa:

-The spa must be fitted and full of water.
- Electric line ready for connecting up the spa with a 30Ma differential circuit breaker.

Technical inspection

Connect up the spa's electrics with the existing electric input (if the spa cable is long enough to reach the electrical power board)
Open up all spa panels for complete component inspections.

Further information

General explanation of how the spa and components work (pump and filtration, bi-speed pumps, blower, ozonator, etc).

Adjustement of your spa's settings, explanation of the filtration cycles, of the different massage options, how to use your control panel and a description of every control component (venturi, distributor, reverser, fountain, waterfall, etc…)

Explanation of water chemistry and water performance with the help of specialized water treatment products and also of how to manage your filter, shell, pipe cleaning and yearly disinfection.

For precautions for safe handling and to avoid problems please view: “How to avoid breakdowns”.

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